Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tribute to Grandma Hilton

From the moment I met Grandma and Grandpa Hilton in the Spring of 2001, I have been crazy about them. I still remember that first moment when Shane introduced me to them and the generous, genuine smiles on their kind faces put me at ease. They welcomed me into the family and loved me simply because Shane loved me and they loved him. I have so much appreciation and respect for them and have cherished the time we've spent in their presence. They are such a magnificent example of eternal companionship to us.
Last night, Grandma Hilton passed away. In many ways this is a huge blessing. Grandma, as her family knew her, had been distant for a while. Alzheimer's had taken away some of who she used to be in the last few years. But it had also intensified her sweetness and her smile I think. We are grateful that Grandma doesn't have to live in a failing mortal body any longer and we are grateful that Grandpa can know she is in a better place with those loved ones who have gone on before her. Grandpa has been such a devoted husband and has so intensely loved Grandma, standing by her side throughout their marriage. Grandma did so much good in her lifetime and I am glad I knew her and felt her tender spirit in my life over the last eight years. We love you and will miss you Grandma! Much love to Grandpa! We look forward to being with you soon to celebrate Grandma's life.
Pictures taken in Rocky Point, Mexico in December of 2007.
(Originally posted on our family blog, www.thearizonaexperiment.blogspot.com, on June 24, 2009 by Megan)

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