Thursday, July 2, 2009

Allen's Talk for Mom's Funeral

(You will need to insert your own tears and blubbering.)

The last time that I saw Mom was in St. George two weeks ago with Dad. As they were leaving, Dad said, "We need to go this way." as he pointed the way. Mom said "I don't want o go that way." Dad leaned over and they shared a kiss and left arm in arm.

(As a side note: While Mom was in the office, she kept telling my receptionist that she wanted to go through "that gate at the end of the path" but pointed off in funny directions. Of course it made no sense at the time that she didn't want to go to the door Dad was going through. I believe that it was Mom seeing into the gate she needed to enter.)

I am sure Terry greeted Mom and gave her the biggest bear-hug welcome ever.

5-Minute talk:

Mom was a perfect nurturer. She lifted and blessed everyone she could. The way she differentiated in who received service was whether you would accept her ministrations or not. She didn't hold back, she didn't change the requirements, she just kept on giving. She just loved to serve. Mom found joy in service.

Randalin is a perfect example of how this worked. Randalin married Mom's oldest son, who she worried about. Right away Mom began to love and nurture Randalin. While living in their home for the first month of our marriage, I went to ask Mom to pack me a lunch. She told me that it wasn't her responsibility anymore, I would have to ask Randalin! I was embarrassed but much later learned how thankful Randalin had been to be allowed to function as my helpmeet. Mom continued in that first month, and thereafter, to teach Randalin why she, Mom, loved to serve.

Mom continued to nurture Randalin and her other daughters in both small and great ways. Mom was so service oriented and often said how wonderful it was to do the meal preparation to feed and physically nurture her family. She was happy to do the laundry because she was serving in a way to help her family be clean and smell good. She found joy in many acts of service whether cleaning, vacuuming or caring for a child.

Mom was a blessing in the lives of her grandchildren. While tending our Steven one time, he was having trouble settling down to sleep. Mom explained to him and gently kissed his eyelids so he would have sweet dreams. It became a part of his necessary nightime pre-sleep ritual. He always called her The Spoiler, because she was attentive to his needs and loved him so.

Each of the children loved to talk to Mom. She always had a kind and listening ear. No recrimination, no judgemental posture, no hidden agenda, no quessing, just love.

Mom was a tremendous example for good in the world. She taught us. Sharing, Knowledge, Truth, Love of God, country and fellow men.

Mom taught me to share: Always making extra to share with the neighbors. Bread, cookies, meals. In Lehi, Sister Crab was an old sister who lived across the street from the church. I remember being sent to take her a loaf of bread or a meal. Mom wanted me to learn to serve and it seems to have worked in the lives of all her children.

Mom loved: Dad, us, life, laughter, outdoors, country.... well did she love.

Mom gave me unconditional love: she didn't criticize but complimented me whenever she saw a way to do it.

Mom taught me to love reading: she read both spiritual books and novels out loud. She often read to us while we went to bed at night. We didn't fall asleep but were riveted. I remember the scripture stories from then as well as on trips. On one trip to the Grand Canyon, Mom read "Brighty of the Grand Canyon" to us. I remembered the story as I have since hiked the Bright Angel trail.

She loved the Gospel and did her best to live it. She loved to read the scriptures. She was not preachy but people sought her counsel through her example and soft loving manner.

May we all learn from her loving example to serve and love each other as purely as she did, I pray in the nme of Jesus Christ, Amen

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